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Indiana Intrastate Experience Rating

2017 Distribution of Experience Modifications

The Experience Rating Plan recognizes differences among employers within the same business classification. Although the classification system subdivides employers according to product, process, operation, kind and character of business, etc. we recognize that employers can differ in a variety of ways: how the operation is performed, the manner in which the product is manufactured, and the implementation and operation of safety programs, to name a few. These factors will all affect the propensity for an injury to occur. The Experience Rating Plan provides a measurable way to reflect these factors. The two major benefits of experience rating are that it tailors the cost of insurance and provides an incentive for loss prevention.

To be eligible for experience rating, an Indiana employer must reach $2500 in annual average premium or $5,000 in one year. In 2017, almost 32,000 Indiana entities qualified for intrastate experience rating.

Indiana WC Mod Ranges 2017
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