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2011 Annual Report (9/11)
The 75th ICRB Annual Report is available as a PDF in two formats:

  1. For monitor/screen viewing
    Download PDF

  2. For printing
    Download PDF

Membership Registration (8/11)

We have new registration system, so even you registered with us before (prior to August 2011), please do so again by clicking on the link below. Why register? It allows member companies and their agents to access the monthly assigned risk New Risk Lists.

Membership Registration

State of the Economy (rev 9/11)

Check out the presentation titled "State of the Economy" presented by Frank Schmid, NCCI Economist, to the ICRB Actuarial Committee in August 2011.

Using Mod as Qualifier to Bid on Construction Projects (8/11)

The construction industry often uses the experience rating modification (commonly referred to as "EMR" in the construction trades) as a metric for safety prequalification programs. The ICRB issued a "white paper" in July 2011 discussing the issues related to this use, titled "EMR as Qualifier to Bid on Construction Projects".

The paper builds a convincing case for how the use of the experience rating mod can lead to an inaccurate picture of any particular company's safety performance. A question still to be answered is what is a good alternative predictive indicator for "safe" contractors if the mod is not used.